Program 15 National Events: What They’re Saying (Nelson Gord, Illinois Indians)

April 7, 2017

As part of a weekly series of stories leading up to the Program 15 New Balance Future Stars Series upcoming national events in Houston, spoke with Illinois Indians founder, Nelson Gord, about his program being involved.  Gord is also the Director of Recruiting Education for Program 15.

“When you look at any program, or if you look at half a million high school baseball players that there are in the country, there’s going to be that percentage that are going to be your high-level recruits. Being able to put them on the national stage in front of pro scouts and some high-level Division 1 college coaches out of your region, it’s vitally important. You don’t want to hold those kids back, but I also think that’s the power of having the different regions set up and the regional directors; the kids who aren’t the top five or ten percent of all athletes, they also have that avenue where they can be a part of the program but they don’t have to travel and spend so much financially to try to get to a place for something that might not have as big of a return for them.”

Mike Ashmore
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