Program 15 National Events: What They’re Saying (Steven Hensley, Hensley Baseball)

April 5, 2017

As part of a weekly series of stories leading up to the Program 15 New Balance Future Stars Series upcoming national events in Houston, spoke with Great Lakes partner Hensley Baseball’s president, Steven Hensley, about his program being involved.

“My 17U will be down (in Houston) from the 24th through the 28th, and we’re looking to go down there and play well and give these kids the ability to get seen by a whole bunch of people.”

“At that sophomore and junior level, and even freshmen sometimes, we tell them all the time that it’s not about having every program in the country falling in love with you.  Every program has different needs at that time, but we’re trying to get them in front of as many eyes as possible to where it ups their odds of being able to play past high school.  Then, it’s connecting them with the right program and the right fit for them. When you get all of these partner programs in one area, it’s going to be a snowball rolling out of control…if you want to see some of the best players in the country, Program 15 and the (New Balance) Future Stars Series is where you’re going to go.

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