BOOTH: Talent galore at the NorCal World Series

June 28, 2024

This time of year, man, there are players and places, and at least I get to do it at all levels. That covers the earliest entry into the full- size diamond, international players and signings, college, and the big leagues. The evaluation filter required is so different at each stop that it can get on you in a hurry.

Looking back on 2024 thus far, I’ve seen thousands of players already. That's a real number, and it’s been fun and a refreshing aspect of being with the Future Stars Series family. The stop we’re talking about here involved 200 players at the NorCal World Series, the premier event in Northern California.

This year’s edition added a day and special event piece on Thursday, and it was as electric as the rest of the weekend was throughout. This year, the question of 'what’s in the water? is a valid one.



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