Baseball America: Program 15 Alums Among The Best 2018 MLB Draft Prospects In Their Regions

In Baseball America’s latest story previewing the upcoming MLB Draft, numerous Program 15 alums were listed among the best in their respective states or regions, including two players, Noah Naylor and Grayson Rodriguez, who were listed at number one.

The following is an incomplete list of alums, their ranking and their state or region.

Kaleb Hill, 6, ARK
Dominic Pipkin, 7, NORCAL
Albert Hsiao, 16 NORCAL
A.J. Miller, 17, NORCAL
Jack Filby, 19, NORCAL
Vinny Tosti, 29, SOCAL
Noah Naylor, 1, CANADA
Franco Aleman, 46, Florida
Mason Ronan, 4, Pennsylvania
Sean Guilbe, 6 Pennsylvania
Xavier Valentin, 3, Puerto Rico
Yeankarlos Lleras, 5, Puerto Rico
Grayson Rodriguez, 1, Texas
Mateo Gil, 32, Texas
Jose Gutierrez, 59, Texas

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