2021 MLB Draft: Eric Silva, 115th Overall, San Francisco Giants

July 12, 2021

Eric Silva, who drew plenty of attention from scouts at the 2020 National Combine, was just selected with the 115th overall pick by the San Francisco Giants in the 2021 MLB Draft.

Silva did spent some time at the plate, but the interest was clearly in seeing him on the mound, and rightfully so; he struck out three of the batters he faced in Lake Charles.

“Silva’s an athlete,” said Jeremy Booth, CEO and president of the Future Stars Series. “The arm has continued to come; the delivery is a little inconsistent, but when he repeats it, it’s good. He definitely is a 70 command guy in the end, but the key with Eric isn’t the stuff and isn’t the package and not the way he plays, it’ll be consistency. He needs to focus on what’s best for him, needs to focus on his path and route and tune out everybody else that’s around him and just handle his business. He needs to focus on himself and being the best player that he can be.”

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