2022 MLB Draft, Nolan McLean 81st Overall, Baltimore Orioles

July 18, 2022

With the first pick of day two, the Baltimore Orioles selected Nolan McLean with the 81st overall pick of the 2022 MLB Draft.

McLean was a two-way standout for the Dirtbags during the 2019 New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series at the 2020 grad class National Tournament, and has since gone on to start at Oklahoma State University.

PICK ANALYSIS BY JEREMY BOOTH, CEO AND PRESIDENT OF THE NEW BALANCE BASEBALL FUTURE STARS SERIES: Big arm, they took him as a pitcher, and that’s the spot. I said that back then, and people were all over me saying he’s a third baseman. No, he’s a pitcher. I know he’s got a bunch of power, he wanted to go to Oklahoma State to play football and baseball, like Brock (Jones at Stanford)…he’s got a big arm, probably back-end reliever, but somebody that with innings under his belt to develop some command and a little bit of control, is a good one for a long time.

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