FSS Digital unveils Baseball NFT platform

June 28, 2023

The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series powered by Program 15 Sports is happy to unveil the highly-anticipated Baseball NFT platform through FSS Digital, helping players and families while also providing a unique collectible opportunity.

Future Stars Series Digital is committed to helping players build their brand and increase both exposure and their marketability by creating value with the digital branding of their likeness in several ways.

In addition to NFTs in the fantasy baseball space and premium collectible artwork, players can grow their popularity through Future Stars Series Digital daily podcasts, print media, and soft rankings, which will collectively identify the best players in each grad class or before the draft without a number assigned to them. Players will be selected with an eye on future impact rather than only present numbers.

“The New Balance Future Stars Series is not just about discovering and developing the MLB Heroes of tomorrow, it’s about finding and developing the leaders of tomorrow,” said FSS president and CEO, Jeremy Booth. “Future Stars Series Digital will create real opportunities for players where they don’t exist today: opportunities for an education, opportunities to give back to their community…opportunities for a future.”

Through the Baseball NFT platform, which can be accessed through the Merchandise link on the FSS website, a wide variety of collectible, digital NFT player cards are available for purchase with varying levels of scarcity. This digital collection of trading cards will allow you to participate in the various Leagues and will allow you to become a real FANTAMANAGER. Discover your qualities as a Manager, create your Team and try to win fantastic prizes. With players from multiple years of FSS events represented, you can create the team of your dreams and participate with your team in the various competitions with Regular, Rare, SuperRare and Unique cards leagues.

A wide array of players have signed on and have cards available, with many more set to join.

Currently available, as seen in the preview on the website, are: Alex Kranzler, Andrew Elkhill, Antonio Jimenez, Antonio Morales, Boston Baro, Brayden Jaksa, Cael Reish, Cody New, Cole Lanford, Collin Priest, Cooper Pratt, Daniel Harden, Darnell Parker, David Hogg II, David Stanley, Deegan Cordova, Eric Guevara, Ethan Sutton, Harrison Lewis, Holden Brauner, Javier Torres, Jeffrey “Mac” Heuer, Justyn Hart, Karson Trichel, Raudi Rodriguez, Tre Phelps, Tryston McCladdie, Tyler Minnick, Vinnie Hudson, Walker Barron, Zane Adams and Zion Rose.

“This is a tremendous and fun way for us to continue to try to change the game, and help continue to promote and support many of the players who have made their name at our signature events,” Booth said. “A lot of our guys are really excited to see what their cards will look like, and we expect there to be a lot of interest moving forward both from fans who are looking to acquire such unique, digital memorabilia, as well as players who are looking to be a part of it.”

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