2019 Grad Class Tournament Top 30 Prospects, Honorable Mentions Revealed

August 2, 2018

Via his Twitter account, Program 15/New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series CEO Jeremy Booth has revealed the list of Top 30 prospects from the 2019 Grad Class tournament, as well as some honorable mentions who also stood out.

1) Brock Jones, CF, NorCal
2) Glenallen Hill JR, IF, NorCal
3) Silas Ardoin, C, Team Louisiana
4) Troy LaNeve, OF, US Elite
5) Cameron Meeks, RHP, Team Louisiana
6) Cooper Hjerpe, LHP, NorCal
7) Peter Hansen, LHP, NorCal
8) Hayden Durke, RHP, Team Louisiana
9) Jose Torres, SS, US Elite
10) Trendon Craig, OF, PTB
11) Zach Taylor, RHP, NorCal
12) Ethan Bradford, LHP, Next Level
13) Benjamin Ybarra, 3B, PTB
14) Brayden Tester, OF, NorCal
15) Nathan Dettmer, RHP, Lights Out
16) Bobby Whalen, OF, US Elite
17) Kyle Russell, SS, Showtime
18) Gabe Colaianni, OF, Houston A’s
19) Matt Flowers, RHP, PTB
20) Ricky Jones, OF, Mid Atlantic Orioles
21) Braden Duhon, CF, Team Louisiana
22) Nick Vogt, OF, NorCal
23) Will Bartlett, C/1B, NorCal
24) Chris Bernal, C, LB21
25) Zach Rocke-White, Illinois Steel
26) Sebastian Garcia, C, Trombly
27) Xavier Ulrich, C, Showtime
28) Ethan Coleman, SS, Knights
29) Josiah Castro, RHP, Houston A’s
30) Clayton Chadwick, SS, Lights Out

Honorable Mention
Dalton Aspholm, Team Louisiana
Max Bernstein, Prospect U
Andrew Bell, Bartolucci
Noah Diederich, Illinois Steel
Miguel Martinez, Prospect U
Connor Fremin, PTB
Jordan Mewis, PTB
Anthony Valle, USA Xtreme
Ethan Moore, US Elite
Cameron Hubbard, US Elite
Jorden Jurkiewicz, US Elite
Vinny Bachelier, CBA
Kenneth Bell, Knights
Jordan Petrushka, Game Prep
Jordan Morales, US Elite
Nathan Davis, Prospect U
Reece Early, US Elite
Connor Polli, CBA
Cruise Thompson, Game Prep
Austin Roccaforte, Prospect U
Marcos Broom, USA Xtreme

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