2023 Future Stars Series Main Event player profile: Josiah Romeo

September 28, 2023

The curious case of Josiah Romeo takes another big turn this weekend.

The Canadian-born Mississauga Tigers standout is the lone player from the 2025 grad class attending the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, joining a short list in event history to have such an honor, one that includes one of baseball’s top pitching prospects, Mick Abel.

He is, however, eligible for the 2024 MLB Draft, and finds himself among those listed in FSS Plus analyst Joe Doyle’s most recent Top 300 prospects list.

So, even as one of the younger players by grad class classification, this is, as Romeo says, a business trip, even despite it being in such an iconic venue like Fenway Park.

“Playing at Fenway is probably one of the coolest things ever,” he said. “Being able to say you’ve played on that field at such a young age would mean a lot. Especially being young gives us the chance to see what it’s like to be on the spotlight…honestly, I’m there for business. I’m there to showcase my skill and show scouts that I can play at the next level and even higher than that.”

A shortstop and right-handed pitcher, the praise jumps off the page of his FSS scouting reports: “This kid has a real future…has a really good toolset now…certainly at the top side of his peer group.”

Intriguing as a two-way player, Romeo likely draws the most attention for what he can do on the mound; the six-foot-three, 195-pound righty throws his fastball up to 91 miles per hour as part of a three-pitch mix that also includes a slider and curveball that he used to dominate in the most recent Future Stars Series Underclass Combine for the 2025 class in Nashville.

Also set to play at the upcoming Underclass Elite next weekend, Romeo is focused on the task at hand right now, as he’s slated to start the third and final game of the event on Sunday afternoon at Dunkin Donuts Park in Hartford for the White Team, where he’ll likely also see some action in the field.

“My experience with Future Stars has been an eye opener for me personally, because you get to play against the best competition and get to be around a great coaching stuff,” he said. “Also knowing that you can get gear from these amazing events means people are putting their time and money into our futures.”

A veteran of several FSS events over the past few years, including last year’s Underclass Elite in Frisco, he’s been working hard since his appearance at Shelby Park in July to show that he can be a consistent performer for any of the bevy of big-league clubs expected to be represented to be scouts and high-ranking execs over the next two weekends.

“The main thing that I have been doing since the Future Stars combine was just staying as consistent as I can in the gym and getting better at my craft,” he said.

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