Future Stars Series Set For Upcoming Big International Events

April 29, 2022

The global player identification and development series for New Balance Baseball is set to show that’s more than just a catchy tagline one more time.

With the calendar set to turn the page to May, the development staff will need their passports one more time, as the schedule is set to head overseas starting May 4 for the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series amateur invitational event in the Dominican Republic, set to be held at Play De Baseball Buena Vista in La Romana.

Two weeks later, the highly anticipated event in Aruba is scheduled, with a three-day event at Crismo Angela/Nadi Croes Stadium in Oranjestad beginning on May 20.

The event is live-streamed all over the world via GameKast (many US Colleges and MLB scouts watch the live stream), and all players will receive an extensive full MLB Style Scouting Report, Data and Testing numbers, Player Video, Instruction and Development from current and former professional players/coaches and college coaches, a New Balance Shirt and Hat, an opportunity to advance to the New Balance Future Stars Series World Combine and Caribbean Classic to be held in October in Mexico as well as an opportunity for virtual instruction and development through the P15 Instructs program.

Lastly, there will be a quick turnaround after that event to get to Ontario, Canada for two sessions set to be held in Brampton on May 24 and 25, at a location to be announced shortly.

Between 125-150 players are expected at each of the aforementioned international events.

Given the overwhelming success of previous international events that have helped produce first rounders like Bo Naylor as well as big free agent signees like Michael Arroyo, and it’s safe to say that everyone at the Future Stars Series is excited to see talent from all across the globe over these next few weeks.

“We are excited to get back to global,” Booth said.

“It’s been a rough two years with COVID for the entire planet and it’s good to see baseball as a tool to bring us all together in goodwill. Many things took a backseat during COVID, not the least of which is human connection, and being a part, in some small way, of helping the planet return to being a planet of people rather than sickness is extremely gratifying. These associations and groups know we’re there for the relationship and to help the players move forward rather than driven by some way to take advantage of them, and we’re thankful for the relationships and their endurance over time. The ability to work with people across all of these countries is best for a player-driven model and something we’re very much so looking forward to continuing. With efforts led by Hall of Fame scout Gordon Blakeley and his incredible list of international accomplishments, this is something that’s very easy for all of us to get behind, and we can’t wait to see the global initiative of New Balance Baseball and the Future Stars Series international calendar kick off in full once again.”

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