Record-Breaking 19 Future Stars Series Jewel Event Attendees Taken In 2021 MLB Draft

July 13, 2021

Despite the draft being half as long, a record-breaking 19 players from New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series powered by Program 15 were selected in the 2021 MLB Draft, breaking the previous mark of 18 set back in 2019 when there were 40 rounds.

Anthony Solometo led the charge as the Pittsburgh Pirates’ first pick of the second round on the second day of the draft this year, and was followed by a bevy of talented players who are set to make big impacts at the next level.

“It’s good to see the players that have come through here take that next step,” said Jeremy Booth, founder, president and CEO of the Future Stars Series.

“Looking at a 20-round draft — and I hate to say it, because I don’t agree with a 20-round draft at all for the sake of baseball — it does make each pick more important. It’s harder to (get picked), there’s less opportunity. For those guys to have that opportunity to get their name called and have a club believe in them and potentially be a big leaguer for them one day, that’s a pretty big honor regardless of what round they go in. For us, I’m happy to see players com through here, channel what they need to channel, and grow the way they have with the information they’ve been provided and make the most of their events and opportunities.”

Edwin Arroyo, Ricky Tiedemann and Ryan Spikes also went in the first 100 picks, giving the Future Stars Series 16 players who played in “jewel” events taken in the Top 100 over the last four years. In all, 60 players from the major FSS events have been drafted in the past four years, including first-rounders Grayson Rodriguez, Bo Naylor, Daniel Espino, Mick Abel, Zac Veen and Justin Lange.

2021 MLB DRAFT (click on player name for video)

#37 Anthony Solometo, Pirates
#48 Edwin Arroyo, Mariners
#91 Ricky Tiedemann, Blue Jays
#100 Ryan Spikes, Rays
#103 Ian Moller, Rangers
#105 Elmer Rodriguez, Red Sox
#115 Eric Silva, Giants
#262 Levi David, Mets
#291 Alex Ayala, Rays
#306 Franco Aleman, Indians
#320 Nic Kent, Rockies
#327 Roc Riggio, Brewers
#394 Erian Rodriguez, Cubs
#403 Braylon Bishop, Pirates
#415 Jose Acuna, Phillies
#508 Justin Williams, Astros
#518 Kyle Virbitsky, Athletics
#528 Joey Spence, Diamondbacks
#603 Sean Hard, Yankees

In addition, several players who attended regional combines or the National Tournaments were selected, including Max Muncy, who gives the Future Stars Series at least one alumni selected in the first round for four consecutive years: #25 Max Muncy, #47 Daylen Lile, #57 Wes Kath, #70 Ryan Holgate, #89 Jose Torres, #319 Brennon McNair, #498 Drake Varnado, #566 Irvin Murr III, #598 Jackson Linn.


2018 MLB Draft

11th overall – Grayson Rodriguez, Orioles
29th overall – Noah Naylor, Indians
95th overall – Mateo Gil, Cardinals
175th overall – Yeankarlos Lleras, Orioles
257th overall – Dominic Pipkin, Phillies
328th overall – Damon Casetta-Stubbs, Mariners
351st overall – Sean Guilbe, Padres
529th overall – Alberto Gonzalez, Reds
569th overall – Xavier Valentin, Rangers
880th overall – Mason Ronan, Red Sox
1093rd overall – Jose Gutierrez, Indians
1103rd overall – A.J. Miller, A’s
1132nd overall – Franco Aleman, Braves
1183rd overall – Kaleb Hill, Indians

2019 MLB Draft

Daniel Espino, 24th overall, Cleveland Indians
Kyren Paris, 55th overall, Los Angeles Angels
Dasan Brown, 88th overall, Toronto Blue Jays
Glenallen Hill, Jr., 122nd overall, Arizona Diamondbacks
Dilan Rosario, 176th overall, San Francisco Giants
Adam Macko, 216th overall, Seattle Mariners
Wendell Marrero, 324th overall, Cincinnati Reds
Tyrell (T.J.) Schofield-Sam, 374th overall, Oakland Athletics
Aaron Roberts, 467th overall, Boston Red Sox
Johzan Oquendo, 492nd overall, Chicago Cubs
Jared Southard, 601st overall, Los Angeles Angels
Drew Gilbert, 1049th overall, Minnesota Twins
Will Frisch, 1079th overall, Minnesota Twins
Silas Ardoin, 1089th overall, Colorado Rockies
Adrian Colon, 1109th overall, Minnesota Twins
Kurtis Byrne, 1145th overall, St. Louis Cardinals
T.J. McKenzie, 1175th overall, St. Louis Cardinals
Jaden Brown, 1203rd overall, Washington Nationals

2020 MLB Draft

9) Zac Veen, Rockies
15) Mick Abel, Phillies
34) Justin Lange, Padres
35) Drew Romo, Rockies
63) Markevian “Tink” Hence, Cardinals
82) David Calabrese, Angels
95) Petey Halpin, Indians
128) Marco Raya, Twins
147) Koen Moreno, Cubs

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