Future Stars Series Sees Record-Breaking 30 Alumni Taken In 2022 MLB Draft

July 26, 2022

The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series is at it again, shattering last year’s records for alumni being selected in the Draft.

For the 2022 MLB Draft there were a record-breaking five FSS alums selected in the first round, with Termarr Johnson, Cam Collier, Cooper Hjerpe, Drew Gilbert and Robby Snelling all being picked. In all, ten alumni went on the first day, and 18 in the first 200 picks, with ultimately a total of 30 players who’ve come through the Future Stars Series hearing their names called.

An additional three players were also added as undrafted free agents, giving a total of 33 players headed to pro ball once the dust had settled.

“I’m just happy that the kids seemed to get something out of it,” said CEO and president of the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, Jeremy Booth.

“I’m happy that this has grown to where it is, I’m happy about the imminent next steps and the expansion with New Balance. I’m happy for the expansion with some other groups that are joining us here shortly and how that’s going to affect the game as a whole. But, to have 30 guys from across the events that we’ve had — especially given the changes in the draft from when we’ve started with it being a way different market than it was when we first began — and to be able to see those numbers continue to grow in a draft that is constantly evolving and for us to be able to help these kids get somewhere, it’s really gratifying to be a part of that process.”

Below, find an all-time draft history for the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, including clickable links for each player taken.


2018 MLB Draft

11th overall – Grayson Rodriguez, Orioles
29th overall – Noah Naylor, Indians
95th overall – Mateo Gil, Cardinals
175th overall – Yeankarlos Lleras, Orioles
257th overall – Dominic Pipkin, Phillies
328th overall – Damon Casetta-Stubbs, Mariners
351st overall – Sean Guilbe, Padres
529th overall – Alberto Gonzalez, Reds
569th overall – Xavier Valentin, Rangers
880th overall – Mason Ronan, Red Sox
1093rd overall – Jose Gutierrez, Indians
1103rd overall – A.J. Miller, A’s
1132nd overall – Franco Aleman, Braves
1183rd overall – Kaleb Hill, Indians

2019 MLB Draft

Daniel Espino, 24th overall, Cleveland Indians
Kyren Paris, 55th overall, Los Angeles Angels
Dasan Brown, 88th overall, Toronto Blue Jays
Glenallen Hill, Jr., 122nd overall, Arizona Diamondbacks
Dilan Rosario, 176th overall, San Francisco Giants
Adam Macko, 216th overall, Seattle Mariners
Wendell Marrero, 324th overall, Cincinnati Reds
Tyrell (T.J.) Schofield-Sam, 374th overall, Oakland Athletics
Aaron Roberts, 467th overall, Boston Red Sox
Johzan Oquendo, 492nd overall, Chicago Cubs
Jared Southard, 601st overall, Los Angeles Angels
Drew Gilbert, 1049th overall, Minnesota Twins
Will Frisch, 1079th overall, Minnesota Twins
Silas Ardoin, 1089th overall, Colorado Rockies
Adrian Colon, 1109th overall, Minnesota Twins
Kurtis Byrne, 1145th overall, St. Louis Cardinals
T.J. McKenzie, 1175th overall, St. Louis Cardinals
Jaden Brown, 1203rd overall, Washington Nationals

2020 MLB Draft

9) Zac Veen, Rockies
15) Mick Abel, Phillies
34) Justin Lange, Padres
35) Drew Romo, Rockies
63) Markevian “Tink” Hence, Cardinals
82) David Calabrese, Angels
95) Petey Halpin, Indians
128) Marco Raya, Twins
147) Koen Moreno, Cubs

2021 MLB DRAFT (click on player name for video)

#37 Anthony Solometo, Pirates
#48 Edwin Arroyo, Mariners
#91 Ricky Tiedemann, Blue Jays
#100 Ryan Spikes, Rays
#103 Ian Moller, Rangers
#105 Elmer Rodriguez, Red Sox
#115 Eric Silva, Giants
#262 Levi David, Mets
#291 Alex Ayala, Rays
#306 Franco Aleman, Indians
#320 Nic Kent, Rockies
#327 Roc Riggio, Brewers
#394 Erian Rodriguez, Cubs
#403 Braylon Bishop, Pirates
#415 Jose Acuna, Phillies
#508 Justin Williams, Astros
#518 Kyle Virbitsky, Athletics
#528 Joey Spence, Diamondbacks
#603 Sean Hard, Yankees

In addition, several players who attended regional combines or the National Tournaments were selected, including Max Muncy, who gives the Future Stars Series at least one alumni selected in the first round for four consecutive years: #25 Max Muncy, #47 Daylen Lile, #57 Wes Kath, #70 Ryan Holgate, #89 Jose Torres, #319 Brennon McNair, #498 Drake Varnado, #566 Irvin Murr III, #598 Jackson Linn.

2022 MLB Draft

Termarr Johnson-RC, 4th overall, Pittsburgh Pirates
Cam Collier, 18th overall, Cincinnati Reds
Cooper Hjerpe-NT, 22nd overall, St. Louis Cardinals
Drew Gilbert, 28th overall, Houston Astros
Robby Snelling-NT, 39th overall, San Diego Padres
Jacob Miller, 46th overall, Miami Marlins
Henry Bolte, 56th overall, Oakland Athletics
Cole Phillips, 57th overall, Atlanta Braves
Brock Jones, 65th overall, Tampa Bay Rays
Tucker Toman-NT, 77th overall, Toronto Blue Jays
Nolan McLean-NT, 81st overall, Baltimore Orioles
Peter Hansen-NT, 97th overall, St. Louis Cardinals
Silas Ardoin, 107th overall, Baltimore Orioles
Kenya Huggins, 123rd overall, Cincinnati Reds
Tommy Specht, 169th overall, Texas Rangers
Nathaniel Ochoa, 171st overall, Washington Nationals
Will Frisch, 173rd overall, Chicago Cubs
Logan Wagner, 195th overall, Los Angeles Dodgers
Javier Santos, 211th overall, Cleveland Guardians
Jared Southard, 358th overall, Los Angeles Angels
Caden Marcum, 379th overall, Texas Rangers
Omari Daniel, 414th overall, Minnesota Twins
Sabin Ceballos, 418th overall, Los Angeles Angels
Joel Izarra, 435th overall, Los Angeles Dodgers
Nomar Diaz, 436th overall, San Francisco Giants
JP Wheat-NT, 473rd overall, Chicago Cubs
Kevin Kilpatrick, 515th overall, Atlanta Braves
Deundre Jones, 519th overall, Boston Red Sox
Gavin Turley-NT, 558th overall, Arizona Diamondbacks
Albert Oliva, 567th overall, Detroit Tigers


Arizona Diamondbacks – Hill, Spence, Varnado, Turley
Atlanta Braves – Aleman, Phillips, Kilpatrick
Baltimore Orioles – Rodriguez, Lleras, McLean, Ardoin
Boston Red Sox – Ronan, Roberts, Rodriguez, Jones
Chicago White Sox – Kath
Chicago Cubs – Oquendo, Moreno, Rodriguez, Frisch, Wheat
Cincinnati Reds – Gonzalez, Marrero, Torres, Collier, Huggins
Cleveland Guardians – Naylor, Gutierrez, Hill, Espino, Halpin, Aleman, Santos
Colorado Rockies – Ardoin, Veen, Romo, Kent
Detroit Tigers – Oliva
Houston Astros – Williams, Linn, Gilbert
Kansas City Royals – McNair
Los Angeles Angels – Paris, Southard, Calabrese, Southard x2, Ceballos
Los Angeles Dodgers – Izarra, Wagner
Miami Marlins – Miller
Milwaukee Brewers – Riggio
Minnesota Twins – Gilbert, Frisch, Colon, Raya, Daniel
New York Yankees – Hard
New York Mets – David
Oakland Athletics – Schofield-Sam, Muncy, Virbitsky, Bolte
Philadelphia Phillies – Pipkin, Abel, Acuna
Pittsburgh Pirates – Solometo, Bishop, Johnson
San Diego Padres – Guilbe, Lange, Snelling
San Francisco Giants – Rosario, Silva, Murr, Diaz
Seattle Mariners – Casetta-Stubbs, Macko, Arroyo
St. Louis Cardinals – Gil, Byrne, McKenzie, Hence, Holgate, Hjerpe, Hansen
Tampa Bay Rays – Spikes, Ayala, Jones
Texas Rangers – Valentin, Moller, Specht, Marcum
Toronto Blue Jays – Brown, Tiedemann, Toman
Washington Nationals – Brown, Lile, Ochoa

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